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Wiktoria won Best in Further Education Show at College

This garment is a tribute to Polish culture and the country’s pagan traditions that are still practised today.

Researching the smuggling culture in Communist Poland and the way the goods would be stuffed into clothing, inspired the exaggerated shape and size. Looking deeper into family photographs from Poland, led to experimenting with lace curtains from the windows and gathers in wedding dresses.

Inspired by the works of high luxury designers such as Comme des Garcons and, Viktor and Rolf, the garment is abstract and avant garde.

The final outcome being a final garment of bespoke womenswear, is presented in its physical form as well as a final photoshoot, for a magazine cover.


Ella gained a place to show her work at the UAL Origins 2022 Exhibition in London

Researching into Little Red Riding Hood and the history and social context and moral behind it.  Looking at the characters both the wolf and Red, the two main protagonists. Breaking it down into textures and items related to the story such as the basket and her plaits in her hair. 

Influenced mainly rather than by one artist but the illustrators of the stories especially in the Charles Perrult and Brothers Grimm Version but also more modern versions such as the illustrations by Quentin Blake

Leading to making a final garment of womenswear. Presenting the physical garment and a photoshoot of the garment. Also present a short social media teaser for the collection. Looking at women's fashion and researching Adidas Originals as to where I would sit in the market.

Digital Portfolio

Millie gained a place at Glasgow School of art to study Textiles


Rojhanna gained a place at Kingston University to study Fashion



During lockdown students carried on working and produced work to show within the college online exhibition

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